Welcome to E&I Advisory Partners

Founded on specialist experience, uncompromised prudence and, global reach in Energy & Infrastructure.

Based on knowledge gained through several economic cycles, we maintain that only prudent allocation of capital will serve our clients well in the medium to long term


Following a period of unhinged monetary easing policies, copious amounts of capital have been misallocated. We therefore take a long term view and accept only those mandates that result in safe investor returns to withstand the test of time


While many investors and advisers chase short term returns, we remain consistent in pursuing a thorough due diligence and detailed compliance checks prior to taking on any client assignments on both sell-side and buy-side mandates


In a highly challenging macroeconomic environment, facing the oversupply of the fiat paper, with the recession and the stagflation to continue, our primary focus is on robustly recession-proof infrastructure-like assets in all sectors of Energy and Infrastructure

Expected M&A Activity in 2024

Expansion of activist levers - 2024 will mark a shift toward the next M&A upcycle led by Natural Resources:

• Continuation of a more consistent large-scale cross-border M&A activity in Natural Resources, on par with longer-term averages

• Longer term shift towards the “old economy” with Natural Resources leading more than 25% of  all M&A actvity in 2024

• More significant M&A activity by corporate buyers relative to financial sponsors, however a notable bright spot in take-private activity

• Hostile takeover and defence case study: