Selected Client Testimonials

Energy, Infrastructure and Industrials Client

Oil & Gas Sector, Middle East:

“I was consistently impressed by Dana's effectiveness ... on complex M&A structures. I particularly appreciated Dana’s willingness to take initiative... and her uncompromised integrity in advising clients even in the most difficult of situations, despite our many organisational difficulties ...

I would emphasize Dana's integrity in taking a long term view to advise clients in their best interests... based on her competence, diligences and talent as a specialist Oil & Gas M&A banker.

I maintained contact with Dana and continue to explore opportunities to work together“

M.Q., Deputy CEO, Oman

SWF, Asia:

“I have known and worked with Dana since 2011, primarily as Head of Energy Investments at [SWF / Confidential] ....

and then as the Head of Industrials and other sectors at [SWF / Confidential] …

In her work for [SWF / Confidential] in the UK, Dana has demonstrated high level of integrity, financial competence, strong knowledge of the Energy sector...

... and prudent business judgment.

Her approach to client assignments is forthright, efficient and transparent.“

D.X., Head of Energy and Industrials, Diversified SWF, Asia

Energy, Resources and Infrastructure Coglomerate, Europe & International

"In this economically matter for [Energy Resources and Infrastructure Coglomerate / Confidential] at that time ...

and in our professional communication since then, Dana has demonstarted high level of integrity, financial competence, strong knowledge of the Sector...

and prudent business judgment.

K.A., CEO, [Energy Resources and Infrastructure Coglomerate / Confidential]

Sample Alumni Testimonials

Energy, Infrastructure and Industrials Specialists

Varun Shah, Director, AlixPartners

"I was brought on as a Summer Associate ... while pursuing my MBA at the Simon School, University of Rochester.

From day one I was handed the responsibility of working on high value deal models in the Energy Sector. The team ... trusted me to complete my project with a high level of autonomy that I found refreshing, but were available every step of the way to provide guidance when asked.

My internship ... jump started my career in professional services helping me secure a position at a top tier consultancy. The team continues to stay engaged with me as an
alumnus and has always shown a genuine interest in my long-term growth."

Dotun Awosemo, Associate, Sparkstone Capital Advisors

"I have worked with E&I Partners, with Dana, Eleonora, Emily and other team members first formally as a Summer Intern, and later informally, on a cooperative and referral basis.

The Associate Summer Internship helped me transition from a technical background as an Oil & Gas Geologist (BS Geology, first class honours, and MS Geophisics, Univeristy of Houston).

It also helped me take my MBA knowledge to the next level and integrate it all in a high-paced M&A environment.

I remain in contact with E&I Partners in colaboration on cross-border opportunities, in particular in Africa and in the US"